Hessel Mediation | Resume
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Chad J. Hessel J.D.

422 East Vermijo Ave., Suite 411

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Phone: (719) 867-3376

        E-mail: chadhessel@aol.com

Licensure- Practice of Law in State of Colorado (July, 1989)


Willamette University (Salem, OR) J.D. December 1988

Certificate in Dispute Resolution.

·               Certificate in Dispute Resolution required 20 semester hours in the following courses:

1. Dispute Resolution Processes (2 sem. hours)

2. Trial Practice (3 sem. hours)

3. Negotiation Workshop (3 sem. hours)

4. Civil Dispute Resolution Clinic (3 sem. hours)

5. Mediation Workshop (3 sem. hours)

6. Arbitration Workshop (3 sem. hours)

7. Administrative Law (3 sem. hours)

University of Colorado (Colorado Springs, CO)

Masters level courses in Economic Education.

University of Northern Colorado. (Greeley, CO)  B.A. 1976

Major in Social Studies with a minor in HPER (coaching emphasis).

Professional Experience

Mediation Program Administrator for the 10th Judicial District (Jan. 2010-present):  Manage the mediation office for the 10th J.D., including coordinating programs with Judges, parties and attorneys.  Develop programs. Supervise contract mediators.

Program Administrator for the Office of Dispute Resolution (Jan. 2008-Jan. 2010):  Administrator of the Southeast Region for the Office of Dispute Resolution.  Develop and supervise the alternate dispute resolution processes for the region.

Legal Resolutions (2002-present):  Conduct mediations and arbitrations in the areas of personal injury, insurance, tort, contract, construction, domestic relations, real estate, homeowner association and commercial disputes.

Mediator, Office of Dispute Resolution (2002-2015):   Contract mediator for the State Court’s Administrator Office, Office of Dispute Resolution. Conduct mediations in domestic and civil cases primarily for the Fourth and Tenth Judicial Districts.

Sole Practitioner (2002-2005)– Representation of plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases.

Cross, Bennett and Hessel (1997-2002):   Partner Representation of both plaintiff and defendants in personal injury cases. Participated in numerous mediations for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Jones, Waters, Bennett, Hessel and Cross (1995-1997):

Partner Represented both plaintiff and defendants primarily in personal injury cases.

Retherford, Mullen, Johnson and Bruce (1988-1995) :Associate Attorney Primarily represented defendants in personal injury and workers compensation cases.  Participated in numerous settlement conferences.

Colorado Springs District 11. (1976-1986)

Teacher-  Taught High School and Middle School Social Studies.  Specific subjects include history, psychology, economics and geography.

·  Head Girls Track coach and assistant coach in football and basketball.

Professional Associations

·          Past Co-chairperson of the Southern Colorado Defense Lawyers Association

·          Colorado Springs Football Officials Association

Continuing Education and Seminars

                    ·               Office of Dispute Resolution Seminar. (April 2002; 7 hours).

                    ·               Divorce Mediation. (May 2002; 15 hours).

                    ·               Office of Dispute Resolution Seminar (September 2002; 6 hours).

                    ·               Advanced Issues in Divorce. (October 2004; 8 hours).

                    ·               Office of Dispute Resolution Seminar (October 2004; 8 hours).

                    ·               Mediation Workshop (January 2007; 42 hours)

                    .               ADR Conference (Oct. 2012)